There are about 155 Sisters of St Louis in the Irish Region. The Irish Region encompasses Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Most sisters in the Region have reached official retirement age. However, apart from sisters who are ill or very frail, most sisters continue to actively serve others and make the world a better place. We have, however, largely moved from active corporate ministry to one of collaborative outreach and prayerful solidarity with local communities and the wider world. Many sisters are involved in internal ministry and care of each other. Some are also involved in pastoral and prayer ministries, retreat work, chaplaincy, spirituality and religious formation. Still other sisters continue to be active in education in both community and formal settings. This includes second chance education opportunities, teaching English as a second language, acculturation programmes and homework clubs for migrants, development education with particular reference to climate change and the integrity of creation, Governance, strategic development and trusteeship roles.

At least 100 sisters who are currently members of the Irish Region have lived and been in ministry in Belgium, Brazil, California, England, France, Ghana, Liberia, or Nigeria.

The Charity details for the Irish Region is as follows:
Charity Name: Sisters of St Louis, Irish Region
Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20014759
CHY Number: 7147
Trustees: Uainín Clarke SSL, Noreen Shankey SSL, Ann Matthews SSL, Eithne Woulfe SSL.

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